Actual Testimonials from our Happy Dog Owners

Submitted by: Lisa Niederland on Sep 04, 2013

We love our puppy Elke! Elke is a product of Brownie and Hank. She is six months old and brings a lot of joy to our family. She sleeps in a crate at night only, is in the house when we are home, and is outside when we are gone. She was crate trained and potty trained fast. Elke has been healthy and happy since we picked her up. She always wants to be by our side, and is great with kids and other dogs. Elke will play fetch in our yard or in the ocean until we are too tired to throw the ball. She loves the water and ocean (we live at the beach). Elke is a beautiful dog! Everywhere we go people tell us what a good-looking dog she is. Samir is honest, friendly, and knows a lot about his dogs. I highly recommend purchasing a GSP from him.

Submitted by: Tanya Martin on Sep 03, 2013

What a wonderful experience we had with the purchase of our German Shorthaired Pointer from Samir of B&B Kennels. From the minute we initially called Samir to inquire about his upcoming litter of Brownie and Hank due in February 2013, to when we picked up our beautiful puppy. Samir informed us within a couple of hours when the litter was born and sent pictures soon after. A couple of days later we went to pick our puppy out. The hardest part was then waiting for seven weeks to bring her home. Samir was so gracious to allow us to visit and send pictures while we were waiting. Our family couldn't be more pleased with our experience and most of all our new addition, Millie. The Martin Family

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Submitted by: Jill & Dustin on Jan 11, 2012

We purchased a female GSP pup from Nadia out of the litter that was from Buck and Bentley and were born on November 9th, 2011. We named our pup Ruger and we bought her when she was only 9 days old. It was unbelievable how easy and relaxed it was working with Nadia. She gave us the privilege to come visit our little Ruger whenever we liked. We came once a week to see her and the progress of her growth. It was nice to get that bond with our pup from such and early age. When it came to time to pick Ruger up and Bring her home, we wanted to start potty training asap, so we have a dog door that she has access to in order to go to the bathroom outside. Ruger is so smart that she learned how to go out the dog door at only 6 weeks old and has never had an accident in the house. It is amazing how smart she is. She is now 9 weeks old and she already knows how to sit and she knows the meaning of the word NO!!! She also comes and is starting to retrieve. She also holds a point and great concentration to a bird wing attached to a fishing pole. It is just unbelievable how quick Ruger is catching on to listening and obeying. I can only imagine how good Ruger is going to be at retrieving brids. Ruger not only is smart, she is a great looking dog and i have got nothing but compliments from other people of how beautiful she is. I am very excited to have an awesome bird dog and hunting buddy!!! I could not have asked for a better Christmas present!!! Thanks so much Nadia for all of your kindness and time that you took away from your day to let us come see our baby girl, we will Definitely contact you in the future when i am ready to get another GSP and definitely will recommend you to others. I can already tell Ruger is going to be AMAZING!!!

Submitted by: Burnie Renteria on Dec 03, 2011

My name is Burnie and I received a gsp from Samir 10 ½ years ago .We named him Jimmy. Smartest dog I had ever seen. He was pointing at 10 weeks. He was trained off leash before he was 3 month old. We shot over a thousand birds over him in his life. He loved hunting, swimming, running, jumping, Frisbee, tennis ball, but most of all he loved his family. He wanted to be with us every minute of every day. He lived in the house with us from day one. We had kids in the neighborhood come to the door and ask if Jimmy could come out and play. So I would give them a tennis ball and away they would go. An hour or so later I would hear him scratching or barking at the front door to be let in. He knew when we were going to the lake or gun club miles before we got there. He would start bouncing on his front feet yapping he was so happy. But all I had to do is put up my finger up ( I called it giving him the finger ) and he would stop but he would still be smiling. I never kennel trained him. (my mistake ) he didn’t need it, I didn’t realize my mistake until later when he was locked in one at the vet. He felt he was in doggy jail and would howl and throw a fit. He was a trained service dog (I’m deaf to some sounds ) and he was trained to alert me to sirens and railroad sounds. So he was with me 99 percent of the time. All I would like to say is I’m a very lucky man to have had such a dog. We lost him a few weeks ago to cancer. I called Samir and he had a new litter. Come to find out the sire is Jimmy’s half-brother Buck ( same father Gus ). So I have Jimmy2 coming around X-mas. If he is half the dog Jimmy was I’ll be blessed again. I would like to thank you Samir for giving me Jimmy and Jimmy2. I know you have made other families as happy as ours.
P.S. Samir does’t get all the credit. His daughter Nadia is doing all the work while Samir is in S. Dakota and elsewhere hunting. And you can tell by talking to her that she loves what she’s doing as much as her father. So I would like to thank the two of you again for all the hard work. It sure is paying off.

Submitted by: Chelsea on Sep 12, 2011

We purchased a beautiful male gsp in August 2011 from Samir and we couldn't be more pleased with our pup and the whole experience. The pup is friendly, loving, healthy, smart, and really good with children. From day one Samir was prompt at email and calls, and he answered every question we had. We visited when the puppy was 5 weeks old, and Samir showed us his top of the line dogs. We were extremely satisfied with our puppy and Samir's loyalty. Samir is excellent at what he does and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great german shorthaired pointer!

Submitted by: Shay on Aug 29, 2011

It was a pleasure meeting you and your family and see how much great exposure and love the puppies were receiving. The involvement you have is a true testimony to the many years these dogs have been part of you tradition. I found every interaction with you sincere and rescectful, honest and forth coming. Our new little Sierra, name for my son Kai and my favorite range is already a part of our family. I wanted to express my thanks to you Samir for the patience and instinct, the support and giving this pup a great start. if you are thinking of being a pack leader and a parent of a GSP speak with Samir

Submitted by: Jon Devoto on Aug 28, 2011

This GSP is the best b-day gift I have ever gotten thanks to my wife he is my son. He loves to play with my 18 mouth old daughter and he listens to when she tells him no I named him Ruger I can't wait to take him out hunting ruger is grate with commands House trans and all he sleeps in the hallway right by my daughters room and If she wakes up at night he's sher to let us know Good and loving dog grate breed

Submitted by: Margie Orland on Aug 25, 2011

Our JSP, Zoey, is just 9 weeks old and in the one week that she has been with me she has responded to "come", "no" and is house trained. She is loving, spirited and such a joy each day. She will be a wonderful companion and hunting dog. B&B Kennels has produced a fine breed of JSP. Thanks.

Submitted by: Mike on Aug 23, 2011

This pup is not only beautiful but full of personality. Hes great with the kids and is already pointing on birds naturally. We could not be happier. Looking forward for what's to come. Thanks b&b kennels for a great dog.

Submitted by: Delliah on Oct 24, 2010

I had a GSP when I was young, and my new puppy reminds me of her. She has an awesome personality. My kids love her. She fits right in with us. Quick learner. Samir is a very friendly breeder, with two beautiful GSPs.